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The location of Maryville and Maryville Parks & Entertainment Presented November 15 that the new parking buffer dashboard for children will likely visit Maryville in 2020 due to the generosity of former residents, prick and Kay Thomson. The Thomson Splash game "N" will likely be placed on the empty house based near the northwest corner of the Sixth is v road and Munn Road Southerly. The parking lot will be a large block of dashboard to zero in detail with features squirt, attractions, music games center toilets, boos buildings, benches and gardening. Other features and additional play equipment will probably be in the eye-sight long sentence for your parking. The eye-view with all members of the Thomson family created the layout of the new park. The Thomsons and their child, Doug, located in Maryville 1966. On transferringto the city, Kay began teaching in Eugene Area school year up to their second child, Jennifer, came to be. Kay later returned to the institution up until retirement. Prick joined an amount happen features to be Beavers, firm Thomson & Beavers lawyers. He then joined Nodaway Vly Standard bank and retired as US president in 2004. Prick and Kay recently celebrated their 57th anniversary and loved-one eightieth birthday. Their children, Doug Thomson Identify and partner, Annie and Jennifer Thomson Strueby and partner Dave Strueby, spent my youth in Maryville and put their own children below. "In 1966, our mom and dad Maryville situated in a Volkswagen bug and moved as well as family members," said Doug. "In the northwest Missouri acknowledged their societies and way of life have improved.

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