Fireplace problems house on Norwegian Courtroom

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Firefighters Columbus answered noncommercial flames about nine. Twenty-six seconds. meters. Thursday in Room Fire damages home 5235 Norwegian audience after the owner observed flames outside the entrance porch of the house and informed his group the fireplace. According to the owners, Stephen and Betty Alis, these people were of their home and watched an inch of the house entrance porch near a porch light. Stephen Alis said firefighters he observed flames and withdrew support from home and tried to get a garden hose placed near the front door. Alis said the flames and heat allowed him to avoid having the ability to get to the pipe. Betty Alis, a girl of adult, and a son, fled and heard nine-one-one. The becameavailable firefighters to find large flames circumstances at the door of the house and location of the port connected car. Engine 4 was the first to Exterior entry door at entrydoor come flame device in the image and quickly attacked the flames. In rapid sequence of visible flames were brought to manage, but the circumstances cigarette smoke indicated that the flames were still burning without charge in the attic bedroom area above the location of the port connected car. For supplements Fire became available, the reduction teams reached the surface of the attic room where they found once again big flames circumstances. Crews have the fire Columbus firefighters respond in the attic room and started searching the house room and attic area for other flames hidden storage compartments. After checking the chimney was manageable, the firefighters removed the cigarette smoke in the house using positive deformation of ventilation fans.

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