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In early January, Tomi Abramson informed The Lower that she had not recorded a job interview in her own job as a correspondent. . "I'm a fast-track taker," she said inside a crazy Queen & A that has been much in Digital Voice Recorders the spotlight of online reviews of people who have chosen the programs. Abramson for proof of carelessness. The next day, she was falsely accused of plagiarism in her new publication on the mass media sector, Retailers of Reality, combined with the feeling that the former director of the division of Ny Instances played it quickly and reduced. Putting aside the issue of plagiarism, the fact is that, with respect to cases, many newspaper editors tend not to report their interviews. This does not mean that it does not take convention, but that interview practices change, simply because journalism, unlike law or treatment, is a spontaneous profession that does not require any conventional instruction for the better or for the worst. ICYMI: Top Journalists Publish Key Reporting Suggestions Received Newspaper writers recall that their interviews appear to be divided and often include generational collections. Elderly correspondents are more informed about their notebooks and young correspondents keep their backup gadgets, which were once confusing and somewhat stopping, but spread all over the twentieth century with the advent of technology. It would also depend on case in case. Lgbt Talese, for example, fiercely opposes the camera - For the record: and sees their widespread use because the death knell of literary reporting - even if E.

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