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Reolink E1 Glide is one of three pan and dot WiFi cameras in the E1 collection society, the others being E1 and E1 Professional we tested recently. There are several marginal variations between the three, but they speak basic precautionary same features and possibilities of flexible outlet. As suggested for his identification, the Glide E1 provides 3 times optical zoom than the other two cameras do not possess. Finally, although it's not much to distinguish the professional E1, we now have now analyzed. E1 Glide uses three times the same 4-inch golf-ball type game system as features E1 professional. Substantially all of the basic hardware - lens, the infrared light emitting diodes for night view, the sensor update, insertion position, established in mic, video slot micro SD card, and totally reset option - are located on the African American face camera. A speaker phone with a power connector are recorded on the back of his body and pedestal accordingly. The 5MP Zoom Super High Definition online video digicam reflects 2560 decision 1920. What substantial quality of initial image in the 1920s will get a 1080p using full high definition digital camera, or perhaps in 1280 has 720p from a high definition digital camera. This is followed by a 3 times optical zoom which allows a better evaluation of images with tiny decrease details. You can also pan 355 degrees and point 50 degrees to provide protection of the room much more than several preset position of Reolink E1 Zoom cameras. Basic precautionary characteristics E1 Zoom are as professional E1: real-time notifications, two-way dialogue, a siren that can be physically activated or movement, personalized voice recording notifications, and up to 40 feet from the night view <. / P>

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